Film & Video Production Vehicle Rentals

Do you require footage of a production car zooming across a scenic landscape? Producing awe-inspiring visuals at top speeds takes careful execution and creativity. Sometimes the vehicles and video equipment on hand can't keep up with that speedy car chase or work on terrain better suited to 4x4s. That's where Shift Dynamics' fleet of video production vehicles comes in – allowing you to uphold your creativity while capturing exciting, dynamic footage. 

Spring and summer bring optimal filming conditions. It's a great opportunity to make use of Shift Dynamics' film and video production vehicle rentals. Our camera vehicles are specially equipped to shoot footage for video marketing campaigns, automotive commercials, sporting events, music videos, feature films and television. 

Camera Vehicles for Every Purpose

We've developed three models to help you capture smooth footage of moving vehicles (or anything else). Our rentals are available for shoots outside of Nashville. Whether going 0-60 in 5 seconds or plowing through rugged terrain, our camera cars are equipped with all the necessary bells and whistles to capture your vision. Each vehicle rental includes an expert precision driver, a camera car dream team, and a customizable mounting system to support the Motocrane, Flowcine Black Arm or Panther Tower Riser.  

Film production vehicles offer benefits your team will instantly notice in your filmmaking and video editing. Just ask our friends from Mitsubishi – who captured gorgeous car-to-car shots of the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander driving through the desert and mountains. Or check out the work from our pals at Gear Seven and NASCAR – highlighting NASCAR vehicles in motion and high-octane action scenes.

Video Production Vehicle Benefits:

1. Dynamic Camera Footage

Camera cars allow you to get creative with tracking, aerial, and panoramic shots. With cameras mounted on the exterior of the vehicle, you can track moving subjects like cars and athletes, gain different perspectives with bird's-eye views, and visuals of scenic landscapes or cityscapes. By keeping up with the action of a car chase, camera cars give video producers the ability to create stunning and engaging video content. 

2. Smooth Movement & Stability

There are no issues when capturing footage on rough terrain or bumpy roads. Each vehicle is equipped with specialized suspension and stabilization systems that guarantee a smooth and steady shot. Additionally, our skilled drivers are trained in driving techniques that minimize sudden movements and camera shake. 

3. Location Flexibility

Camera cars can be used to access locations a camera dolly could only dream of going. Our fleet of vehicles can access rural and urban areas making it versatile to capture creative footage in various settings and hard-to-access regions. From landscapes to cityscapes, our Trail Boss, Maverick X3, or ML63 Pursuit Vehicle models will make sure you get the perfect shot. 

4. Safety

Shift Dynamics' vehicles are specifically designed to keep our clients, crew members, camera operators, and equipment safe. Even with prioritizing safety first, our expert precision drivers and crane operators capture the highest quality adrenalin-pumping shots. Camera operators remain safely inside the vehicle and use a wireless interior monitoring system, allowing us to have our eyes on the road and on every frame.

5. Saves Time & Money

Video production vehicles are a strategic technique for saving time. By mounting a camera to the vehicle, you eliminate the time it takes to organize multiple camera setups for individual shots and video editing. This same strategy also saves money by efficiently using the versatility of the vehicle's camera equipment rather than incurring expenses on additional gear or transportation costs. 

To view how our production vehicle rental service can enhance your filmmaking, check out the work produced for our clients: Firestone, Universal Music Group, Bader Rutter, and BBR Music Group.

When it comes to professional, polished video content, Shift Dynamics' fleet of video production vehicle rentals will provide your production team with the tools and equipment needed to capture the perfect shot. We invite you to take a tour of our facility and contact us to rent a camera car for your next film production project.