Need a Music Video Camera Rental in Nashville? Here's the Gear You Want!

Music video production and the city of Nashville go together like Johnny Cash and a black suit.

If you are planning a music video shoot in Nashville (or anywhere else) and are looking for high-quality camera rentals, look no further! The team at Shift Dynamics is pleased to help you wrangle up the HD videography gear you need.

Shift Dynamics is a leading provider of camera rentals, grip packages, production vehicles, and other on-set equipment in Nashville. When you book your gear through Shift Dynamics, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the most trusted professional brands and exceptional customer care.

But which specific items will you want to reserve to make your artist look their best?

The Professional Filming Equipment & Accessories You Want

From top-of-the-line cameras to modular, robotic dolly systems that are hard to find, Nashville's Shift Dynamics offers a wide range of HD options for making the music come alive visually. Enjoy convenient local pickup or national delivery on any of our equipment packages.

Here are a few of our recommendations that could make all the difference for your next shoot.

ARRI Alexa 35

It doesn't matter if you're filming a band in a brightly lit music hall or a performance in a country barn; you'll want a 4K camera with a lot of exposure latitude that minimizes stray light. Compact and rugged, the ARRI 35 expands the creative possibilities with its 19 recording formats, ARRI textures selection (for emulating different cine film stocks), and a sensor that delivers the flattering tones and hues musicians appreciate.

Scorpio 23'

Directors looking to elevate the visuals will no doubt want a swooping crane shot during the guitar solo. The Scorpio 23' by CineMoves gives you the portable setup you need and then some with its high-speed extension arm and maximum lens height of 26'2″ (overslung). This articulating arm delivers those irresistible camera passes that so many videos demand. Your camera department will appreciate the portability and versatility of this unit, too. The crane and wheeled base can fit through most standard door frames.

Ready Rig Camera Stabilization

Depending on your choice of camera and shooting style, a lot of video directors want the freedom and mobility to shoot while moving around the performers. Ready Rig is just one of the brands we carry designed for handheld and gimbal work that will help capture the intensity of a live performance.

Shift Dynamics: Leading the Way in Nashville Camera Rentals

So Why Choose Shift Dynamics?

Nashville isn't just a hotbed for musical talent; it's THE place for music video directors looking to make their mark.

Shift Dynamics offers professional filming equipment for rent, including top camera models from ARRI, RED Digital Cinema, and Sony. Filmmakers can conveniently rent camera equipment from us in Nashville, TN, with convenient local pickup options.

The crew members at Shift Dynamics are experienced and knowledgeable in the necessities of music video shoots and will provide advice upon request. You'll enjoy the wide range of camera gear, lenses, and accessories available, catering specifically to the diverse needs of music videos and commercial shoots.

The Range of Services Offered by Shift Dynamics

From cameras and robotic arms to tripods and wireless transmitters, we offer everything you need to make any musician look like a top star.

Professional audio monitors, ZEISS lenses, camera car rigs, even portable bathrooms: if it helps your crew, we supply it.

The crew members at Shift Dynamics are available to assist with setting up gear, providing technical support, and guiding you throughout the filming process for breathtaking imagery and a seamless production experience.

Need us on set? We'll be there.

How Can a Rental Company in Nashville Enhance Your Production Quality?

When it comes to music video production, having the right gear is crucial for results that impress music labels, musicians, and an artist's online fan base.

Shift Dynamics offers various rental options to suit your needs and budget. If you require a professional camera rental, Nashville is the place!

We are a leading provider in the state, offering top-of-the-line film equipment with exceptional service. Reach out with any questions you may have.