Introducing the Camera Car Crane Systems at Shift Dynamics

When you book a pursuit vehicle for your film shoot, you don't just want to keep up with the action; you want the freedom to capture the scene from an array of exciting angles while traveling at top speeds.

Camera cranes add dynamism to filmmaking, enabling smooth and precise camera movements. They provide a unique perspective that enhances storytelling and elevates production value. With their versatility and creative possibilities, camera cranes are essential tools for capturing captivating shots. They are used to achieve stunning visuals, allowing filmmakers to showcase their vision with precision and finesse.

With our car-mounted camera rigs, getting the perfect shot is easier done than said! Introducing the starting lineup of crane systems at Shift Dynamics in Nashville.

Discover the MotoCrane HYPER System

Our HYPER camera crane rental system, affectionately nicknamed "007," is the largest crane in our arsenal. If you're looking for the type of epic, sweeping shots that commercial directors love, this is the one that will save the day!

With 14+ feet of reach, 120 lbs of payload lift, and a 360° swing in 5.5 seconds, no crane does it better.

When it comes to executing your special assignment, Shift Dynamics has exclusivity rights in Tennessee and Kentucky, but that doesn't mean it's for our eyes only. The HYPER partners well with the power and torque of our Mercedes ML63 pursuit vehicle and is available for shoots nationwide!

So, how smooth and fast is this pairing? Its very first mission for us was a shooting test around the Polecat Training Center in Lynchburg. As you can see from the race car footage we captured, the HYPER nailed the action with incredible versatility!

With the HYPER car camera system in place, you'll see MotoCrane's engineering prowess on full display. With its sturdy yet lightweight aluminum chassis, powerful brushless motor drives, built-in triaxial accelerometer, gyroscopic capabilities, 3-axis passive dampening, and highly responsive touchscreen interface, you'll enjoy stable, confident shooting accuracy at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Designed to maximize uptime and minimize downtime, the MotoCrane HYPER system's massive jib crane is a game-changer in the world of crane systems for cars.

The MotoCrane RADICAL: Works on Any Vehicle

Then again, you don't always need the biggest arm system to grab the footage you want.

With a payload capacity of 35 lbs (up to 45 lbs with a quick upgrade), the RADICAL crane system gives you all the gyro stability you could ask for in a neat and tidy 6-piece modular package. This remote arm packs light for easy transport, quick assembly, and streamlined storage.

How radical is that?

Unlike the more extensive, more robust HYPER arm system, RADICAL can be mounted onto virtually any model of car, truck, boat, or utility terrain vehicle (like Shift Dynamics' Maverick X3).

With its powerful assemblies for swing and lift, you get 12 feet of reach for 360° shots in 6 seconds or less. Built for rugged performance, you can travel across different terrain at speeds over 90 mph!

MotorCrane ULTRA: Designed by the Film Industry for the Film Industry

MotoCrane had input from film industry professionals to find out exactly what they wanted in a reimagined "Russian Arm."

Their efforts resulted in the ultra-robust ULTRA crane system. It's a remote arm system designed for assembly in 30 minutes or less and can be mounted onto all kinds of vehicles.

The 12-foot arm carries payloads up to 65 lbs at speeds up to 75 mph. The rugged aluminum alloy construction and IP65-rated components make this the one you want when shooting in the rain or the snow.

Like all MotoCrane products, it's the perfect blend of capability and portability for overhead crane shots.

Evaluating the Panther Tower Riser

Discover the innovative Panther Tower Riser for efficient camera handling outside the vehicle.

Not every shoot demands 360° versatility. Sometimes, you need to capture dynamic driving shots with a more straightforward approach. The Panther Tower Riser gives you remote camera access outside the moving vehicle.  

It can be mounted and applied to almost any vehicle in vertical or horizontal positions. With its rugged design, the Panther Tower Riser can accept heavy camera setups up to 176 lbs!

Explore the possibilities of this reimagined electric hoist and monorail system for your car that makes driving scenes a snap.

No matter which style of car camera crane you prefer, the crane systems at Shift Dynamics will get you the perfect overhead crane shot!

How Does a Call to Shift Dynamics Revolutionize Your Next Shoot?

Our gear allows crews of every size to capture seemingly impossible shots with precision and flexibility. A car camera system instantly enhances the efficiency and creativity of your film production. If you need guidance, that's where our staff excels! Optimize workflow and minimize downtime by selecting the right crane system and accessories.

Whether you prefer a MotoCrane model or the Panther Tower Riser, a remote arm system from Shift Dynamics will put you in the driver's seat.

Shift Dynamics is ready to answer the call and provide advanced solutions. Reach out today to get started.