Nashville Camera Rental Made Easy Across the U.S.A.

Are you a filmmaker or video production crew needing high-quality camera equipment for a music video or advertising campaign? Look no further than Shift Dynamics, Nashville, Tennessee's premier camera rental service.

This is a friendly reminder that you don't have to live anywhere near Music City to use our equipment!

Delivering Exceptional Gear and Courteous Service

With an extensive inventory of film gear and accessories, Shift Dynamics makes camera rental easy and convenient.

So, how do we guarantee timely out-of-state deliveries for our high-end cameras, video assist equipment, lenses, and grip and electric packages?

The quick and simple answer is, by any means necessary!

We've been doing this long enough to understand how tight production schedules can be. We're familiar with all the major transport companies and will happily make the necessary shipping arrangements on your behalf.

Specialized Shooting Equipment + Crew Members

Our menu of film production gear for rent contains several desirable high-end options for moving the camera.

Shift Dynamics offers a range of pursuit vehicles and arm systems by MotoCrane designed for shooting high-speed action with maximum versatility.

We also rent a series of motion control robotic arms for programmed camera moves with exacting precision and repeatable accuracy. The cinema robots engineered by Motorized Precision enable filmmakers to capture impossible in-camera shots with minimal time expenditure.

When you rent one of these specialized pieces of equipment (and the included necessary peripherals), you also get the crew to escort the item from Nashville to your set. Shift Dynamics provides handlers with the expertise to fulfill the needs of your shot list.

Why Choose Shift Dynamics?

Creatives love us because we supply everything necessary to expedite the most amazing attention-grabbing shots. Shift Dynamics is trusted by some of the most notable international brands because we have a knack for making everything look fantastic, including the featured product, the on-screen talent, and the overall production.

Shift Dynamics has everything you need to bring your vision to life, whether you're shooting in Tennessee or anywhere else across the continental United States!

Simply put, Shift Dynamics gives you greater control over the visuals of your shoot. Plus, we take care of all the arrangements to ensure that your rental arrives in plenty of time.

Unraveling the Services of Shift Dynamics

When it comes to film equipment rentals, Shift Dynamics has you covered. No matter what cinematography equipment you need, Shift Dynamics has it all.

Renting equipment from Shift Dynamics is flexible, with rental options available for any duration, from one day to long-term rentals. Their expert team is also available to advise on equipment selection and compatibility, ensuring that you rent the gear that best suits your production needs. Our competitive pricing makes camera rental affordable for all types of productions.

Shipping Across the United States

Not located in Nashville? No problem. Shift Dynamics offers nationwide shipping so you can rent our video equipment from anywhere in the United States. We use reliable and secure shipping methods to ensure that your equipment arrives safely at your desired location.

And when you're done, our hassle-free return process with pre-paid shipping labels makes sending back the gear a breeze.

We're always available to answer your shipping-related inquiries if you require additional customer support.

Shift Dynamics Simplifies Camera Rental

At Shift Dynamics, we understand that renting camera equipment should be a seamless process. We personalize the steps with quick, responsive service. Our staff will guide you through your best options.

We will formulate a customized plan corresponding to your requested dates and location. After booking, you'll receive an instant confirmation email with all the rental details and pickup instructions.

You can easily modify your rental reservation should your plans change.

Advantages of Choosing Shift Dynamics Over Other Rental Services

Professional Quality Equipment

Our Nashville-based rental company offers top-of-the-line camera gear for your next film production. We carry the ever-popular ARRI ALEXA 35 camera (your best choice for projects demanding a high dynamic range), the Netflix-approved Sony VENICE 2, and many others.

If you already have your camera selected, you may be interested in our range of dolly equipment, like the free-roaming AGITO Sports system from Motion Impossible. You get smooth remote-controlled tracking shots for keeping up with any fast-paced action.

Shift Dynamics doesn't just rent out equipment for crews across the United States; our video production team shoots with it regularly, which means we're even more attuned to the needs of cinematographers and producers everywhere.

Shift Dynamics will ensure you receive the lenses, camera equipment, and on-set accessories you need to enhance your production's look. We back all our rentals with expert recommendations and technical support.

Shift Dynamics Simplifies Camera Rental

No matter where you are, Shift Dynamics ensures that you have access to the most sought-after camera gear for superior image quality.

Shift Dynamics offers convenient local pickups and drop-offs in Nashville, TN.

If you cannot pick up the equipment in person, we offer nationwide shipping, allowing you to receive the gear wherever you are. With secure packaging and reliable shipping methods, you can trust that your required equipment will arrive safely and on time.

View our rental agreement and fill us in on your requirements. Our Nashville gear rental experts will ensure you get what you need.