Video Equipment Rental in Nashville You Won't Find Anywhere Else

It's incredible to think that we live in an age where everyone carries around a digital recording device in their front pocket.

The team at Shift Dynamics in Nashville embraces the latest technology in all its forms. After all, who doesn't love watching high-quality videos shot on smartphones?

When it comes to professional video equipment rentals, there are a lot of companies out there promising high-end camera gear.

However, for filmmakers looking to elevate their production value even more, there is a new breed of rental company that thinks outside the standard rental options and services.

Shift Dynamics is not just a provider of top camera gear; we carry a full range of unique boutique offerings that are tough to find under one roof anywhere else. Our Nashville gear rental service delivers the types of shots that directors and DPs dream about.

The Best Cameras Available for Rent

Shift Dynamics carries a wide array of top-of-the-line cameras and lenses, the very same used by the major studios for the latest blockbusters films.

We're happy to discuss package options for anyone looking for an ARRI Alexa 35, Sony Venice 2, or the RED Epic-W Helium 8K cinema camera. Leitz lenses in various formats? Yep, we got ‘em.

Of course, shooting a video takes more than just great cameras and lenses. Shift Dynamics also supplies everything else you might need (including our expertise) for your shoot.

It is our specialty items that seem to generate the most industry buzz.

Shift Dynamics' offers equipment designed for visual effects work, car chases, and some of the smoothest motorized dolly shots you've ever seen. If it involves dynamic camera movement, count us in. And we haven't even touched on our robotics capabilities (to be discussed in an upcoming blog)!

Here's a taste of just some of the innovative equipment Shift Dynamics provides:


Described on the Motion Impossible website as a "Swiss army knife for film-makers," the AGITO is a modular dolly system and the first of its kind.

Laying down tracks gives you a nice dolly shot, but with the AGITO system, you don't need them. But if you prefer, you can swap out the wheels for rollers in minutes. It's swift, quiet, and oh so smooth.

This free-roaming dolly includes a remote control system that gives you the freedom to capture low or high-angle shots, while the rising pedestal base is capable of reaching heights upwards of 2 meters.

Enjoy shooting at fast or slow speeds. You'll always have excellent stabilization with the AGITO.

Use it on set or outdoors on a soccer field. You can even drive it on the ice down at Bridgestone Arena. It's rugged, easy to set up, and convenient for all kinds of events and projects.  

Your Production's Transport Plan

If you're looking to take advantage of Nashville's many ideal shooting locations, you'll need a way to get around. Shift Dynamics offers a fleet of vehicles designed for productions of all sizes and locations.

"One-of-kind" is a pretty accurate description for our company. The same can be said of our rental tank. "The Tank" is our 3-Ton grip truck used to carry the lighting, grip equipment, and electric your shoot depends on to look good.

Need something to transport your gear on a smaller scale? Our production sprinter vans are well suited for smaller crews and their equipment. We even have a restroom trailer to make your outdoor shoot a breeze!

Camera, Action… and Lights!

We rent high-quality lights, like the ARRI SkyPanel, that are compact, adjustable, and ultra-bright. Now you can achieve accurate color rendition on any set. The SkyPanel is just one of the many new, versatile lights we supply.

The ultra-handy Titan LED tubes are easy to position and can be used pretty much anywhere.

If you're looking to flood a room with even illumination, or you're looking to focus on just one area without creating an obvious hotspot, then the Fiilix Q8 RGBW LED Fresnel is an excellent choice. Its outstanding zoom and ability to blend with ambient lighting make it a popular rental.

Don't worry; we also have all the stands, carts, clamps, and frames you'll need for all your studio or location shooting.

Knowing you have the right technology and resources on set is a definite confidence booster. But if you’re unsure what all you may need for a smooth shoot, Shift Dynamics can walk you through our various packages to make sure you’re all set.

Shift Dynamics: A Good Reason to Shoot in Nashville

You don't have to shoot in Nashville to rent our stuff, but given all the advantages and excellent locations, you might want to consider it.

We enjoy working with directors, DPs, creative agencies, grips, electrics, and production managers from all across the country..

Shift Dynamics is one more reason to put Nashville top of mind for your next shoot.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our inventory.