Our Four Specialty Buckets

Many productions shot in Nashville over the last few years have likely rented some equipment from Shift Dynamics.

The Recipe for Success = 4 Buckets

Shift Dynamics' "4 buckets" philosophy offers a comprehensive production approach for any shoot, at any location, of any size and budget. These buckets describe the custom solutions they offer to their clients and collaborators.

At Shift Dynamics those four buckets are:

Experienced Operators + Techs

Whether it's their AGITO dolly system or one of their rigged pursuit vehicles, they don't just have the tools; they have the team to ensure you make the most of the gear. If something should go wrong on set, they have people who can problem-solve quickly.

Specialty Consultations

Not sure what you need to get the shot? The Shift Dynamics team can suggest options you may not even have considered.

Rental House Capabilities

Having access to the latest equipment and cinematic innovations in the industry can make all the difference in the world to the look of your finished project. Shift Dynamics rents packages for grips and electrics to cover the lighting setups and all the latest cameras (ARRI Alexa, RED, Sony Venice) and lenses. They also carry a fleet of production vehicles, cinematic robotic arms, and remote control dollies to supply the speed and precision required on set.

Product Development

If they don't have a solution for your production needs, they'll invent one. The minds at Shift Dynamics are constantly innovating, as evidenced by the advanced systems they already have available. They continuously strive for excellence and aim to have all the latest “toys” in the field. 

Do You Have an Upcoming Production? 

If you've got an upcoming shoot, contact Shift Dynamics and start making plans today.