Shoot Wherever You Want With Shift Dynamics

If you’re involved in digital film production, having a list of reliable equipment rental houses you can turn to in a pinch is a big advantage.

While Shift Dynamics is heavily involved in Nashville film community, people tend to forget that we offer our equipment and services to productions across the country.

We know that digital video production has a lot of moving parts. The more contacts you have, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to assemble your crew and equipment. Shift Dynamics allows creatives and brands to tell their stories in much better ways, and we believe that access to the best available gear is especially crucial in short-form commercial work where every shot counts.

Nobody sets out to do lackluster work... but, it raises an interesting question. Why do some projects lack spark while others appear ready for the big screen? Often the determining factor is the quality of equipment being used. Another contributing factor? The choice of location.

The Right Location + The Right Gear = Amazing Visuals

Much of the specialty gear we carry at Shift Dynamics is designed for capturing fast motion with fluid movement. Whether it’s our motorized robotic dolly, the AGITO or our Mercedes-Benz ML63 Pursuit Vehicle with a MotoCrane camera arm, many car commercials have turned to Shift Dynamics for our vast selection of equipment offerings.

Car commercials can be set anywhere, from city streets to suburban driveways. But when you pair the right vehicle with an interesting location, you have the potential to tell a more captivating story.

Check out this 2022 Spot for Mitsubushi that was shot in Arizona, a collaboration with Shift Dynamics and our creative partners at Gear Seven.

We’ve all seen vehicle ads with financing offers and practical demonstrations of features like extra trunk space.

And then there are those ads that tap into something more profound that we connect with on an emotional level, like this campaign that saw our equipment and crew in Utah.

Audi - “Find Your Family’s Unforgettable”

When it comes to commercial shoots, having that one unique piece of equipment can be the crucial factor that makes your project get noticed.

No matter where your home base may be, having a resource like Shift Dynamics, and creating those partnerships, can be your key advantage in a very competitive field.

The Importance of Location

Our gear and creative talent have been used around the country, and not just in car commercials.

Sometimes the shoot demands you be in a very specific locale, like the Yeti “Silo Activation” project. This video depicts the construction, installation and subsequent success of a hydration station at a Colorado ski resort, an initiative designed to cut down on plastic water bottle use.

Other times, the choice of location is crucial for other considerations. Watch as the city of Los Angeles becomes a familiar background character in this video for Procter & Gamble’s Time Is Now campaign.

No matter the subject matter, every production deserves to look its best.

You should always demand the best equipment possible wherever you go. It will make a difference when you reach the critical post-production stage.

Shift Dynamics can supply you with everything you need to make your shoot a success, whether you’re filming around Nashville or out of state.

You have a vision, a deadline, and a budget. Let’s talk.