Shoot Faster Using AGITO Robotics

Who isn't looking for a better way to keep their film production on track?

The team at Shift Dynamics is happy to assist with your shoot in any way we can, and that means we can provide equipment that will add noticeable value to your production costs.

Introducing, the AGITO — an innovative dolly system built to expedite your filmmaking needs. It includes an encoded motor system, modular RF data link, and handheld master controller, helping create smooth camera movements at fast and slow speeds with precise absolute positioning.

The AGITO meets the user's creative requirements by eliminating unwanted swaying and the time-consuming setups associated with conventional track-based dolly systems. With minimal setup and highly accurate movement, a number of accessories are featured with the AGITO to accommodate your needs.

Operated by a wireless handheld controller, the AGITO offers multiple configurations to capture cinematic movement at different angles with ease, stability, and grace.

If you haven't used an AGITO Trax or Sports dolly system before, that's understandable. Shift Dynamics is one of only a handful of companies in the United States that owns one.

Productions looking to explore the AGITO's potential with Shift Dynamics currently have two options:

AGITO Sports: The Ultimate Free Roaming Dolly System

The minds at Motion Impossible in the UK have created AGITO Sports, the world's first modular robotic dolly system on wheels. With its sports ends and four-wheel drive capabilities, this version of the AGITO modular dolly system includes a main chassis with independent adjustable suspension and top speeds of 27-32mph on all kinds of terrain — concrete, grass, ice, and more.

Whether the filmmaker's creative requirements involve filming sports or a wild chase scene, the AGITO's single system mimics the results captured by steady cams, jib equipment, and traditional dolly setups.

You also have the ability to create a rising pedestal base using the AGITO Tower for adjustable camera heights, up to two meters tall. Its fixed Mitchell Plate also offers plenty of rigging options for shooting at all angles without any excessive setup time.

It's like operating a camera on top of the world's steadiest remote-controlled car... no wonder the AGITO earns its reputation for being the "Swiss Army knife" of onset equipment.

AGITO Trax: The Remotely Operated Track Dolly System

If you're interested in putting the AGITO on a track, you'll want the AGITO Trax configuration.

On straight or curved tracks, you can enjoy precision shooting at speeds up to 7mph. Adjusting to practically any existing track gauge, the AGITO Trax offers a huge advantage — its movements are fast, accurate, and easily repeatable. Multiple takes are knocked out quickly with the ability to repeat any movement in seconds.

With the power distribution and drive control housed within the AGITO core, it's able to deliver exceptionally smooth camera movement. The AGITO in Trax mode also features split wheels for silent operation, useful whether you're in a studio or on location. The entire unit is rigged for wireless operation and like the AGITO Sports, can extend via tower up to two meters in height with minimal setup time.

Want high shots? Done. Low shots? Easy. The AGITO is one system that covers all your filming needs by giving you a camera mount with flexibility, making it compatible with almost any type of remote head.

Booking AGITO

If you want to shoot something that stands out in today's world of digital film production, you need a talented crew, imagination... and the latest technology of the AGITO. Whether your use involves Trax or Sports, you can modify the AGITO in minutes.

Contact Shift Dynamics today to learn more about incorporating these tools into your next production.