Shift Dynamics Introduces Our Biggest MotoCrane System Yet‍

When it comes to high-speed car chases, nobody does it better than 007.

007 is the name we have given our MotoCrane HYPER cinema robotics arm system. It’s the biggest and baddest remote arm in our arsenal designed for vehicular use. With this rugged yet lightweight aluminum system mounted atop our powerful Mercedes-Benz L63, you can carry the heaviest payloads (up to 120 lbs) to match your big vision.

While in pursuit of the perfect shot, the last thing you should be worried about is the safety of your camera package being propelled through the air. With so much riding on the reliability of your equipment, HYPER is your safest bet.

HYPER is rugged, sophisticated, and capable of carrying out every shot with deadly precision.

If the job calls for high speeds, maneuverability, and adrenaline-fueled camera angles, consider it a job for 007.

Why Is Our Crew so Excited about HYPER?

Shift Dynamics has exclusivity rights for MotoCrane’s HYPER in Tennessee and neighboring Kentucky.

As a premier rental house in the Nashville area, we are happy to offer our products and services to clients in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Florida, or anywhere else in the United States. In our humble opinion, HYPER has the potential to enhance film and video productions of any scale.

Whether your scene involves an elaborate car chase, a herd of galloping horses, or a dirt bike on a desert plain, HYPER has been engineered to capture the action with flowing grace.

After testing HYPER, we’re happy to report that this remote arm/turret system’s performance is truly outstanding!

For the team at Shift Dynamics, the buzz began the day we visited the race course to capture the power and performance of the open-wheel polecat formula racing vehicles. We pushed HYPER’s limits and were thrilled with the resulting footage.

With HYPER on set, you’re assured of confident cornering, braking, and exceptional camera control. It is the ultimate jib for those sweeping passes and 360-degree shots captured at top speeds outdoors.

Making Shots Memorable

HYPER offers a new and exciting way to enhance your storytelling and the enormity of the spectacle you’re putting on screen.

MotoCrane’s HYPER is the rental you need to highlight the speed of outdoor objects more efficiently. Shift Dynamic’s latest mobile arm system is particularly effective for exterior shots where speed is a factor and time is of the essence.

The stability and agility of your camera movement determine the epic quality of your shot. HYPER is engineered to compensate for those forces that typically interfere with the smooth execution of your take.

The front boom’s built-in triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope are calibrated for vibration control in all conditions.

HYPER complements every component connected to it and adapts to the roughest external conditions beautifully, even at speeds of 100 miles per hour!

Partnered with Shift Dynamic’s fastest pursuit vehicle, HYPER’s 14-foot reach, torque, and speed capabilities (360-degree panoramic shots in 5.5 seconds) land it in a league of its own.

Shots That Elevate the Action

MotoCrane’s massive arm is built for compatibility and peripheral integrations, making it an asset on any set.

MotoCrane’s full-color touchscreen user interface permits intuitive shooting for maximizing creativity.

Whether you’re inside the vehicle watching the action unfolding on connected monitors or anxiously reviewing the day’s footage in your editing suite, HYPER ups the excitement and enthusiasm on film productions of any budget.

You don’t have to necessarily be shooting a Grand Prix event to want HYPER at your next location. No matter the project, HYPER is an essential component for capturing forward momentum, dynamic action, and propulsive speed across any landscape.

Check out the recent music for Kane Brown that our team took HYPER out to for some great car-to-car footage.

Get the footage that heightens the intensity of any outdoor sequence. Whether it’s HYPER by MotoCrane or any of our other innovative rental gear, Shift Dynamics is happy to discuss your many options.