Production Vehicles That Exceed Expectations

If you’re familiar at all with Shift Dynamics’ extensive inventory of film equipment for rent, you already know how amazing most of the products are.

Robotic arms. Pursuit vehicles by Mercedes-Benz. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to know how magical this stuff can be on set. 

But do you know what’s even more remarkable than capturing the perfect shot using this high-end gear? It’s the convenience of being able to use a clean bathroom whenever nature calls on set. 

Shift Dynamics supplies an impressive fleet of production vehicles to make those long shooting days more enjoyable for all. Regardless of where you’re shooting, these vehicles offer convenience and reliability. Let’s explore some of the options.

Where the Crew Goes

Admittedly, the thought of using a plastic porta potty often conjures up nightmarish scenarios. Your crews deserve something infinitely better. Shift Dynamics offers a Restroom Trailer with two toilets, one urinal, sinks, mirrors, and lighting. This unit is neat and tidy and offers portable royal treatment when you need to visit the throne.  

Where the Producers Go

Of course, it’s possible you may be working with a smaller crew on the day. Or perhaps you’re on a location scout. Generally speaking, your above-the-line talent will prefer their own private spot for going number one or number two. Shift Dynamics provides a Client Sprinter (Apollo 2) that transports 6 in luxurious fashion. Not only does this van come with a private bathroom, but it also includes a microwave, refrigerator, table, heat and air (even without the engine running), and monitors—everything you need to keep your top talent happy on location.  

Your Mobile Office 

Were you curious about what happened to Apollo 1? It takes the form of our largest Client Sprinter. Sized somewhere between a huge van and a small bus is your solution for transporting the higher-ups. With seating for 8, this vehicle is rigged to serve as your set’s video village and portable meeting room on wheels.  


Where the Equipment Goes

Not every production requires a massive fleet of trucks. Introducing the 1-Ton Sprinter. This vehicle accommodates Shift Dynamics 1-Ton Grip Package perfectly without fear of any items getting damaged. The 1500 lb lift gate ensures ease of transport from your vehicle to the set. 

Why go to the hassle and expense of renting a truck from an outside vendor when everything you need can be found under one roof? Did you require another Production Sprinter for additional equipment? Don’t fear; Shift Dynamics won’t leave you feeling short-handed.  

Keep Everyone Happy

If only everything on your shoot ran as smoothly as these vehicles.


At Shift Dynamics, your camera department, electrics, and grips get the tools they need; and your above-the-line talent can have the elegant transportation they desire. 

Even your stressed-out transport captain will be smiling when they see what’s in store.

Everybody wins when you rent from Shift Dynamics. Check on availability and lock in your reservation soon.