How Shift Dynamics Creatively Partners with Film and Video Production Houses Differently

Bottom line: You want to work with the best, most experienced, and most creative partners to get the shots you want.

There are enough hassles in the production process itself, to then have to deal with even more from the vendors you count on is unacceptable.

Our goal, with every client, is to come in on your terms and truly partner with and enhance your vision of your project.

We’re a custom solutions partner that hyper-focuses on supporting the production in every way possible.

Okay, those are some nice-sounding words there, but exactly how do we do that?

There are at least four main areas that differentiate us from others in the game.

1. Our Exclusive and Extensive Inventory of Cinematic Gear

We’re an industry leader in providing camera cars, cinema robotics, and state-of-the-art production resources to professional film and commercial projects.

From commercials to feature films, there is essentially no production situation that we can’t supply the right equipment for. For example, we operate with the same gear used to make the blockbuster movies Dune and Thor: Ragnarok

(Sure, we don’t have Timothée Chalamet or Chris Hemsworth, but we do have the same cameras that made them look good.)

We’ve also worked with top-tier clients such as Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, Mitsubishi, ESPN, NFL, Apple Music, Spotify, and many more.

To achieve all this, we’ve spent years acquiring and mastering the creative use of specialized cinematic equipment that is very hard to find in the film business.

Our exclusive inventory is one of the most comprehensive inventories of cinema robotics and camera car technology in the nation, setting us apart in the industry with hard-to-find vehicles and robotics that provide unique capabilities and world-class results in service to your vision.

We have – prepped in our facility – camera cars for any terrain (Mercedes ML63, Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, and Can-Am Maverick X3), an extensive fleet of production support vehicles (3-ton Grip Truck, 2 Mercedes Client Vans, multiple equipment transport vans, and a Dodge Ram field support truck just to name a few), state-of-the-art camera car tools (2 MotoCrane Ultras, MotoCrane Radical, Panther Tower Riser, and a Flowcine Black Arm), cutting-edge cinema robotic technology (Motorized Precision MIA robotic arm with track, Motorized Precision Colossus, and a Motion Impossible AGITO – less than a handful of these in the United States), and a comprehensive inventory of premium cameras, lenses, and specialty camera support tools. 

And that’s just a taste of what’s ready and waiting for your project — any kind of production, anywhere in the world.

2. A World-Class Team of Professional Operators

Having the exclusive cinematic gear it takes to produce world-class film and video products is one thing … knowing how to operate it in order to capture great shots at an expert level is entirely another.

Along with that exclusive equipment, our team possesses the rare skills you may be looking for to operate it. We’re one of the few premier companies in North America that specializes in robotic cinematography.

Our highly-trained staff of professional technicians, drivers, and operators have traveled the globe delivering exceptional work for our clients, always providing unparalleled expertise to ensure your project exceeds expectations.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, we don’t view our work as a simple “job.” We see all our projects as an opportunity to collaborate and work with talented people who are passionate about producing really cool work.

3. Our Nashville Location (+Worldwide)

Our comprehensive inventory of exclusive cinematic video equipment and fleet of blacked-out production vehicles are headquartered in the growing (and extremely creative) city of Nashville, Tennessee.

We house, maintain, and operate all of it ourselves, right here in our production facility.

We love our hometown and we think it provides some of the best location opportunities in the world for our clients.

Of course, we also deploy our gear and team anywhere and everywhere in the world. We partner with our clients to bring their creative vision to life, wherever they are, wherever they need us.

But, from our experiences working across the globe, we’ve noticed a few things that make Nashville an incredibly attractive place to film …

Geographically, we have access to nearly any location-type you’d need, right in the immediate vicinity (urban, rural, rivers, lakes, hills, woods, farmland, etc.). Financially, location fees are typically more affordable here than other major cities, and since we own and operate all of our equipment in-house, we can fully produce projects in and around Nashville more economically than in a remote location.

But if you’re not shooting your project here? No problem

Seriously, we’ve worked in the snowy mountains of the pacific northwest, the complicated hustle of large cities, the beautiful and unforgiving desert of the American west, and the fertile farm lands of the southeast. We’ll meet up with your project in any environment, just tell us where to be and we’ll pack accordingly.

Whether your project is shooting in Nashville or Nairobi, we can get there and help you get the job done.

4. The Quality of The Product We Deliver

In the end, in our business (or any other), your performance is largely judged on the quality of the product you deliver.

Can we get the shots you want?

Can we be a flexible, creative partner with you, one that can scale up or down to your specific needs?

Can we exceed your expectations?

We believe we can, because we’ve already done it, time after time for our clients in the past.

We’d Love to Chat About Your Vision

Finding yourself visiting Nashville sometime soon?

Unless we’re out on location, our team, offices, cars, cameras, and robotics are at the ready for any one of our creative neighbors or clients to come by and hang out.

There’s nothing we’d love more than to take you on a friendly tour of the shop the next time you’re here. Our door is always open.

Call or email us anytime.