Need a Camera Rental? Nashville Is Home to Shift Dynamics

Rental house Shift Dynamics in Nashville, TN, is gaining a positive reputation in production offices outside the state based on its association with video producers Gear Seven and virtual production stage Arc Studios. It is recognized as a trusted provider of essential camera equipment and lighting gear for productions of any size.

The company has an extensive selection of the latest digital camera gear and accessories, including ARRI Alexa, Sony VENICE 2, RED, Phantom VEO, Canon C300, and Insta360 products.

Why Nashville for Camera Gear?

No matter where you're located, your production demands the appropriate camera gear and lenses for shooting. You don't need to live in Nashville, TN, to rent from Shift Dynamics. The company delivers equipment rentals anywhere you need ASAP to keep your shoot on track. You can rely on their team's experience to include everything you need.

Even if you have a camera equipment rental you always use, that doesn't mean they will always have the gear you need in stock. Shift Dynamics is happy to be your backup for those hard-to-find lenses and camera rigs that are tricky to find anywhere else.

Shift Dynamics: Your One-Stop Nashville Gear Rental House

Where there are cameras, there will be lights and audio recording. And you're going to need a way to move that camera. Perhaps your director will request a difficult shot requiring high speed or exacting precision on set. If so, it’s best to be prepared.

Shift Dynamics offers a range of equipment that exceeds your standard offerings. We're talking pursuit vehicles with mounted arm systems, robotics, and more. Shift Dynamics has all the tools for capturing those amazing tracking shots that result in spectacular-looking car chases or sleek ads for the top national brands.

If your action is occurring on the field, the AGITO Sports free-roaming remote dolly system (with speeds up to 32 mph) will provide the setup you need.

Shift Dynamics' selection of cinema robotics from Motorized Precision, including the MIA and Colossus robotic arms, can be quickly programmed, allowing filmmakers to handle intricate camera movements easily.

From the Scorpio 23 Technocrane to entire grip and electric packages, Shift Dynamics offers products from different categories to support your film and production work.

You Can Rent Cameras Anywhere, But Shift Dynamics Offers More

Shift Dynamics in Nashville, TN, provides an extensive selection of products to support your director of photography and other crew members. Shift Dynamics remains committed to stocking the best gear because their teams use the same.

They offer a comprehensive list of essential gear and have the operators for any piece of equipment they rent.

Do you require second unit shoots but don't have an available videographer crew? When you contact Shift Dynamics, you have access to skilled crews that are available to work. It makes sense to hire the team that knows the equipment best.

Whether you require footage on set in Nashville or need pickup shots on the other side of the country, Shift Dynamics and its partners at Gear Seven can assist. They've shot projects for brands like P&G, Chevrolet, Audi, and others. Shift Dynamics' cameras and lenses have been used on all kinds of productions, from corporate ads and live events to film and television shows.

Why drag out your search for people, staging and equipment when Shift Dynamics offers production rentals, operators, and studio space that can be bundled together?

Whether you're a small production or a Hollywood crew, Shift Dynamics is happy to rent the cameras and lighting you need, whether it's for one day or weeks at a time.

Need Local Pickup or Delivery?

Stop by Shift Dynamics location at 11 Willow St STE 11, Nashville, TN 37210 during business hours (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) throughout the week for service (closed on weekends).

If you require equipment rentals outside of Nashville, you're invited to call or send a message. Shift Dynamics can help you pick and book the perfect gear for your shoot. Need a quote? Their staff can provide you with all the numbers you need.

Explore the arsenal of cameras and lenses Shift Dynamics has at its disposal. Feel free to contact their team with any questions you may have.