Introducing the Multi-Cam Flypack from Shift Dynamics 

It's not entirely shocking that a film and video production rental company in Music City, USA, would develop a cutting-edge setup designed for capturing live music performances. 

When the company responsible is Shift Dynamics, you can be sure that it's a piece of equipment everyone will be clamoring to use. 

With our Multi-cam Flypack, Shift Dynamics continues its tradition of incorporating the best brands and latest technologies into its impressive arsenal or rental gear. 

Our Multi-cam Flypack features products from respected industry innovators, including Ashley, Blackmagic Design, and Rane. 

Shift Dynamics has been redefining how the industry shoots digital video for years. 

The width and breadth of our cinematic inventory include the following:

  • Various high-end production vehicles
  • Cinematic robotic arms
  • Remote-controlled dollies
  • Assorted digital cameras and lenses
  • Grip packages 
  • Audio gear
  • And more

The Multi-cam Flypack fits in nicely with our impressive range of shooting equipment.

Compact Technology on Wheels

Back in the day, if you wanted to switch between your cameras on location at a sporting event, concert, or any other live event, you needed a truckload of equipment and an army of personnel to carry out the work. 

Life in the digital realm has allowed everything to be streamlined, condensed, and repackaged. 

Today's technology allows small crews to capture dynamic, multi-camera events easily. 

Concert performances, sporting events, game shows, talk shows, variety programs, and the nightly news all lend themselves well to the multi-camera format. 

As part of Shift Dynamics' growing line of innovative production tools, the team has created a one-of-a-kind portable console for live switching between eight 4K cameras (16 inputs). 

The Multi-cam Flypack packs a lot of power for convenient switching on four wheels. It's portable and compact enough to fit through your standard door frame. 

Built for Flawless Performance 

You get a 4K multiviewer display screen and built-in production studio features

  • ASHLY 8-track stereo line audio mixer
  • Adjustable audio delay for proper lip synchronization
  • Advanced routing system
  • Full system battery backup
  • Chroma key capabilities for creating unique transitions. 

Enjoy broadcast quality in SD, HD or Ultra HD. 

At Shift Dynamics, everything we rent adds a professional sheen to your work. The Multi-cam Flypack is available now. Don't worry; we have the operators you need to ensure you're ready to go whenever it's 'showtime.'

Broadcast Quality Results

Sometimes it makes more sense to capture the performance live. It saves having to cobble together all the footage in post at a later date. 

Whether your production is scripted or unscripted, it doesn't mean you can't use the Multi-Cam Flypack to full effect. 

With gear from Shift Dynamics, you control the edit in real-time. 

Are You Shooting Video in Nashville?

Our rental house offers an extensive list of industry contacts and resources. From crews to studio locations, we can help.  

Do you want to learn more about the Multi-cam Flypack or any of our other hard-to-find film rental equipment? Give us a call or make a booking with our team in Nashville today.