How to Rent from Shift Dynamics

Shift Dynamics is unlike any film and video rental house you've ever dealt with before. But that doesn't mean we're hard to deal with. In addition to our plentiful selection of premium gear, we also offer a lot of southern charm.

Our extensive range of digital cameras, lenses, and specialized equipment packages for video productions, large and small, make us unique.

Our expertise and industry connections put us in demand.

Our location in Nashville, Tennessee, adds to the mystique.  

So, what's involved in securing our services?

Fill out the Form

First come, first serve means you don't want to dilly-dally too long. When you're ready to commit, you'll want to fill out the "RENT NOW' form on our contact page. Please provide your contact information, production dates (including prep and return), and company name. We'd also like to know if you'll be shooting on weekends.

Now the fun part; choosing your stuff! Review our website and provide us with a detailed list of equipment you'll need by category. Remember to list the exact quantities you're requesting for each item.

In order to make sure you get exactly what you need, we'll want to know things like the expected video resolution, media files, formats, and any special setups (long takes, etc.) you require. To make good on your expectations, we need to know the specific demands of your client and crew. Knowing those pertinent must-haves and external variables at this early stage is essential.  

At Shift Dynamics, the little details matter.

We'll Get You a Quote

If you are interested in our specialty equipment rentals (robotics, camera cars, AGITO dolly, restroom trailer, etc.) and need an experienced crew to accompany them, please send a message to

Our team in Nashville will review your request and get back with a quote ASAP!

A Bit of Electronic Paperwork

At this point, you'll be asked to review the quote. If all is good, you'll digitally sign to confirm the accuracy of everything we've sent.

But you're not done just yet.

We'll also need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to protect everyone's best interests. Don't worry; we've got one you can fill out. It lets everyone know that we're all covered should any unfortunate situations occur—it's pretty standard stuff.

And finally, your rental agreement! Once it is signed and we receive it back, you're golden!

Pickup/Drop-off Info

We'll help make the arrangements for your team to collect our gear.

Is your production happening around Nashville? That's great!

We know how the biz works. Rest assured, we'll always do our best to work around your schedule. Shift Dynamics will arrange a pickup time that is convenient for you.

And while you're here, you're welcome to grab a coffee and look around. We'll even give you the grand tour if you want. No extra charge!

If your production is happening elsewhere, we can make the necessary delivery arrangements.

Are we shipping a piece of equipment internationally? Wherever it's going, we'll do what it takes to ensure you receive your rental in good condition and on time.

The same goes for dropping off equipment and sending it back. We'll inform you of the pre-determined drop-off time and any vital shipping information.

If you're local and you've wrapped production, our preferred return time is usually 10 am the next day.  

Keep Us in the Loop

Do you have a designated point of contact in the production office or the camera department we should be dealing with? Let us know. In our experience, as long as the lines of communication are open, everything always works out.

Should any problems arise, you know who to call!

Shooting Day

This is what it's all about. Yeah, we know there's a lot of 'hurry up and wait' involved, but there's also something very satisfying when everything comes together. It's tough to beat that rush you feel when you know you've captured that one great shot.

Being creative is a lot more rewarding when you have the best equipment at your disposal.

Are you having a good day? We'd love to hear how it's going. Tag us on your socials if you capture any sweet behind-the-scenes footage or pics of our gear being used (if you can).

Many companies like to boast about how they think outside the box. One look at our range of cinematic equipment tells you exactly where our headspace is.

Do you want the best? You get the best at Shift Dynamics.

Get in touch with us today.