Cinematic Robotics for Rent

We Offer Cinematic Robotics for Rent

If you're looking to arm yourself with the latest robotic motion control technology for your next video project, look no further than our film rental house in Nashville.

A Robotic Arm: The Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

The visionary creators at Motorized Precision have designed a series of robotic arms and custom software that allow you to create dynamic camera moves with pinpoint accuracy. Having their advanced hand-guided motion programming in studio or on location will expand your shooting capabilities.

Whether you require the massive Colossus arm or the more portable MIA arm, each of our cinematic robotics units provide repeatability, control, and precision. Motorized Precision has refined the technology to expand filmmakers' creative capabilities. With motioned controlled arms on set, you'll end up saving big on costly setups.

It's time to ditch the dolly track and have a little more fun on set. If you haven't heard about this motion control equipment before, it's likely because your local film rental company doesn't carry it, but if you're looking for premium cameras, lenses and shooting gear to pull off the shots you've always envisioned, Shift Dynamics has all the tools you need.

Our robot technology allows crews of any size to create smooth camera movements with limited resources.

Motorized Precision's Colossus and MIA Cinema Robots

Capturing flawless, ultra-fast camera movements on set is never easy, and slow speeds can be a challenge, tooWhether you're shooting a commercial or a dramatic film, we know your production's success depends on your crew's ability to capture repetitive camera motions in multiple passes with extreme precision.

Robotic arms are a proven technology, having been used specifically in the automotive industry for years. This equipment has developed to the point where it can now benefit the world of film production. Its advanced software controls the motors, gimbals, focus, and aperture adjustments. By programming the desired shot before sending it to the robot, you're able to capture a perfect take every time!

The Colossus and MIA arms create the high-speed dolly, crane, or tracking shots that are next to impossible for most crews, not to mention they make your timelapse shots and VFX work incredibly easy.

With these cinema robots, now you can include the mind-blowing shots you want into your production. No CGI necessary!

The Benefits of Having Robot Arms

For the extremely challenging or next-to-impossible shots you desire to capture, the Colossus and MIA robots are able to do it. They are one of the easiest ways to add production value to your commercials, music videos, or feature films. Shift Dynamics carries the brands that are changing the course of digital film production.

Whether you opt for more physical reach (the massive Colossus arm) or something with ease of portability (the MIA arm), either robotic system is a wise rental and the ultimate programmable camera accessory.

Here are some benefits of our Colossus and MIA robots:

  • Allow the camera to move at incredible speeds with enough precision to stop on a dime
  • Place optimum motion control at the user's fingertips
  • Programmed motion control eliminates the risk of vibrations or unwanted swaying
  • Capture fast motion with remarkable fluidity
  • No more pushing dollies or assembling a jib
  • Ideal for super slow motion and extreme macro shots
  • Complicated setups now take minutes
  • Permits speeds of up to 10 feet per second
  • Enables multiple angles in a single shot

The Colossus provides a maximum height of 12 feet and a horizontal reach of 10.2 feet. With this reach, directors have the creative freedom to capture the action at any angle. Thanks to the range of movement possible, even stationary objects will seemingly come to life with amazing vitality.

To create movement that flows smoothly and effortlessly, you can pan, tilt, roll, and lift your lens into any position with added confidence.

Some shots from Kane Brown's "Grand" music video were shot on our Colossus robot. Check it out above!

Lights. Camera. Robotics.

Get ready to take your production to new heights through robotic innovation that makes any camera move eye-popping and exquisite.

If you're interested in adding a cinema robot to your next shoot that can handle everything from the most complex zooms to the most amazing slow motion, contact Shift Dynamics to learn more about our services.