Car Camera Rigs: Your Ticket to Stunning Shots

What is a car camera rig, and why do you need one?

A fixed tripod shot isn't a very exciting way to capture fast motion.

On the other hand, a car camera rig gives you everything you need to keep up with the action. The right vehicle, topped off with the appropriate camera gear, is the perfect marriage of equipment. Together, they allow you to capture moving vehicles, or any shot demanding dynamic motion and speed.

Shift Dynamics will ensure you have everything you need for a steady ride, whether you're shooting with one of our Sony, ARRI Alexa, or Red camera packages.

Are you looking to push your film production or ad campaign in an exciting new direction? A MotoCrane camera car system is your opportunity to add some polish and finesse.

From our ML63 pursuit vehicle to the Can-Am Maverick X3 and Chevy Trail Boss, our gear handles all kinds of shoots. Get ready to elevate your filmmaking game!

How a Car Camera Rig Can Enhance Your Next Film Production

A car rig is essential for multiple reasons. It allows you to enhance your visuals in an exciting way.

  • Capture dynamic and immersive shots
  • Add movement and energy to your footage
  • Get extra smooth camera tracking in tricky locations
  • Elevate your visual storytelling
  • Shoot unique camera angles with fluid motion at top speeds

Renting a Car Camera Rig: What You Need to Know

Safety is paramount when working around speeding vehicles, so you'll want highly skilled operators who are familiar with the equipment. Working with a team that understands the limits of the equipment and how to execute your shots safely will help you make the day's schedule.

Whether your shoot is in Georgia, Texas, or Colorado, leave the logistics to Shift Dynamics. We'll ensure our gear and trained personnel arrive on time at your chosen location.

Arm Systems for Camera Cars: Which One to Rent?

When renting arm systems for camera cars, you must consider the camera size you wish to use and the desired range of motion. Hydraulic arm systems enhance your maneuverability significantly.

MotoCrane HYPER - Provides extra strength for extending the heaviest camera packages around the vehicle with 360° versatility (payloads up to 120 lbs/55kg)

*Shift Dynamics currently has MotoCrane HYPER exclusivity rights in Tennessee and Kentucky.

MotoCrane RADICAL - Designed for portability and speed

MotoCrane ULTRA - Built for off-road conditions

Panther Tower Riser - Enables vertical and horizontal mounting of the camera outside the vehicle (payloads up to 176 lbs/80 kg)

Mercedes-Benz ML63 Pursuit Vehicle

The ML63 Pursuit Vehicle delivers powerful performance and agility for filming, along with advanced suspension and stability control systems for smoother shots. Its spacious interior (seats 6) accommodates camera operators and their equipment, allowing for flexibility and comfort in capturing stunning footage. You also get impressive acceleration and handling capabilities on paved surfaces.

Can-Am Maverick X3

Do you need a set of wheels built for off-road footage? Get the handling you need with the speedy and versatile Maverick X3. This vehicle is perfect for challenging terrain (we're talking sand dunes and forest trails). Its compact size allows for surprising maneuverability in tight spaces.

Rent the Maverick X3 for those more adventurous scenes and take advantage of its excellent suspension and traction capabilities.

Trail Boss

The Trail Boss is a reliable and versatile option for city shoots or heading off-road in the country. With our customizable mounting system, the Trail Boss can support any of the camera arms we rent. Enjoy guaranteed stability and control as you follow the action. This durable vehicle enables spectacular shots almost anywhere.

The Final Word

Opting for a car camera rig can transform the feel of your entire shoot. It captures dynamic, free-flowing shots that add more excitement to your project. Renting a camera car rig and utilizing the services of those who know the equipment best is a wise investment.

If your production requires something a little more versatile than car mounts with suction cups, then our team has multiple solutions for you.

Get in touch with the crew at Shift Dynamics to explore our many rental options.