Are Tabletop Robotics the Missing Ingredient in Your Storytelling?

At Shift Dynamics, we don't claim any special culinary expertise (although we do have access to our own Kitchen Studio). But in the area of commercial film and video production, we can set you up with a sure-fire recipe for success, especially when shooting food.

Our menu of motion control technology enables highly detailed shots with a grandiose feel.

Are you looking to extend the creative possibilities of your next shoot? Do you need to go from an extreme close-up to an extreme wide shot in seconds? Motorized Precision's range of innovative products helps perform the most challenging camera moves with repeatable accuracy.

Tools of the Trade for Production Companies Everywhere

If you're marketing food products of any sort, look no further than the tabletop robotics at Shift Dynamics. We supply cinema robots cooked up by the brilliant minds at Motorized Precision.

Whether based in Austin, Texas, or Richmond, Virginia, Shift Dynamics will ensure you get everything you need! When it comes to cinema robots for tabletop work, you have your choice of sizes.

Go Big with the Colossus

Say goodbye to your dolly, steadicam, slider, and crane. At least for the day you book our Colossus.

Standing at an impressive 14 feet, Motorized Precision’s largest robotic arm is powerful and boasts a maximum reach of just over 10 feet. You get sweeping horizontal and vertical camera moves at speeds up to 19 feet per second!

A few keystrokes are all it takes to control the gimbal motion, camera speed, focus, aperture, shutter, and zoom. Sit Colossus on the floor or position it on tracks for an even greater range of motion.

MP Studio, the software behind this monster, allows you to pick your keyframes using the handheld controller for easily programmable tilts, pans, and rolls. Follow the action with predictable fluid tracking and no mistakes.

Here is your chance to create the impossible moves that look like polished computer-generated effects. Capture the flashiest of shots, all done in camera.

Whether you book our home studio (Arc Studios) in Nashville or prefer your own set, Colossus presents a massive opportunity to take your shooting to the next level, as seen in this spot for Caraway cookware.

MIA for Location Work

Not every shot demands the massive sweep of the Colossus.

If you're looking for similar agility on a smaller scale, MIA is a condensed version of the Colossus. It's capable of horizontal and vertical moves of 9.5 feet per second. It's also ideally suited for use on modular dolly track systems when not shooting on your tabletop.

Our smallest cinema robot gives you 3' 7" of reach with exacting control. MIA can shoot your subject from any angle with a smooth, swooping flow. And the robot's compact size means you can take it with you between locations. MIA enables impressive creativity on smaller sets where space is extra tight.

MIA unlocks the visual potential of your extreme close-ups. The proof can be seen in this captivating, luxurious-looking ad for Jack Daniels.

Book the MIA inside our studio or for use at your next shooting location.

Enhance Your Work with the Best Support

As a video production company anywhere in the U.S., you want your reel to stand out. Shift Dynamics can help.

Whether your spot demands exacting motion control to hit your marks or super slow motion to capture the perfect pour, Shift Dynamics has the technology to shoot the trickiest moves and angles with repeatable accuracy.  

Why limit your imagination to tabletop robotics? Shift Dynamics offers innovative AGITO dollies and high-end camera cars for exciting outdoor footage.  

At Shift Dynamics, getting your camera from point A to point B is always exciting. Let's discuss your next moves.