Switch - A Gear Seven Original Film


Switch is a vignette-style short documentary written and directed by JT McCreery, and produced by Gear Seven in collaboration with Shift Dynamics. Switch captures the passionate essence of several individuals immersed in the skating culture in Nashville, TN. Through the film, the important roles in which skating serves in the lives of these individuals is evident through the dedication, love, and appreciation they put into their art. For them, skating transcends being that of which it is just an adrenaline-filled sport — it is a community, a way to express oneself, and a lifestyle. Shift Dynamics utilized the AGITO to capture the majority of the shots in this short film. The AGITO enabled the team to capture smooth continuous shots while seamlessly following alongside the athletes as they moved throughout the skatepark and streets.


Director: JT McCreery

Producer: Cody Fisher-Williams

DP: Justin Wylie

1st AC: Quinn Foster

2nd AC / 8mm Op: Tani Houston

Phantom Tech: Kirk Slawek

Phantom Tech: John Spencer

AGITO Op: Patrick Wilson

Production Company: Gear Seven

Camera Solutions: Shift Dynamics

PA: Jordan Hubbard

PA: Rea Ariola

Color: Brett Price

Sound Design / Audio Mix: Alonso Cacho

Project Manager: Maddie Herreid

Wardrobe: Spiritual World Tour

Talent: Tony Woodland

Talent: Natalie Simmons

Talent: Brian Wooden

Talent: Aydan Wren

Talent: Phillip Sheffield

Talent: Lataj Cason

Talent: Fred

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