Rayleigh Scattering


Rayleigh Scattering tells the heartfelt story of two friends on a final road trip across the country, attempting to create joyful memories together as they grapple with saying goodbye.⁠ Shift Dynamics provided car-to-car support for this epic short film. Director Connor Carroll utilized Shift Dynamics' Can Am Maverick X3 to capture the high speed shots following the dune buggy in the mountains of Colorado. ⁠⁠ “My work explores the grandness of the small gesture. What it means to go that extra mile for someone you care for, whether they are aware of the long walk you took or not. I wanted to tell a simple story of friendship near the end when there’s really no time to wait to say how you feel. ⁠ It’s part of the human condition I suppose, but after you watch this, call your Mom or something and tell her you love her."⁠


Connor Carroll, Director⁠
Tatiana Harman // Rayleigh “Ray” @tatianaharman⁠
Priya Pappu // Louise @queen_pri_⁠

Story // Connor Carroll @connor_carroll⁠
Writer // Carly Myracle @yrfriendcarly⁠

Production // SOUP⁠

EP // Matt Campbell @thisismattcampbell⁠
Producer // Ash Bernal @_ashbernal⁠

Director // Connor Carroll @connor_carroll⁠
DP // Diego Cacho diegocacho_⁠

AC // Jeff Gustavson @gustofsun⁠
Driving Production // Shift Dynamics @shiftdynamics⁠
Precision Driver // Patrick Wilson @wilsonprecisiondriving⁠
Drone Pilots // @dronecoproductions, @verjanfpv⁠
Editor // Talia Pasqua @talia.pasqua⁠
Colorist // Brett Price @coloristbrettprice⁠
Sound Design // NPALL Audio @npallaudio⁠
BTS // AJ Schlechten @andrewj.studios⁠
Special thanks to the Wise family⁠
Original Score // ROARY & Connor Carroll @helloroary

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