"if the robot wasn't there... lame"


We're the Smilebot crew.

Based out of Nashville, Shift Dynamics and Smilebooth put their teams and tools together to add some red-carpet excitement to your next big event. Smilebot is an interactive robot arm that captures fun and glamorous real-time video (in high quality, slow motion), sure to engage attendees of all types.

Your social function can now have the same Hollywood feel as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, or the GRAMMYs. What better way to showcase your event's buzz and glam factor than by inviting Smilebot to the party.

Why book the Smilebot?

  • It's a crowd-pleaser. For real, the Smilebot tends to be the star of the event.
  • Our team does real-time, on-site editing of footage.
  • Each video is delivered to attendees via text or email within minutes (no app required).
  • Your branding is featured prominently on content designed for social-sharing intentions.
  • It features technology that accommodates Android and iPhone users alike.
  • You have the ability to incorporate custom branding + track into footage.
  • A custom-crafted message from your brand can be included upon footage delivery.
  • The Smilebot team creates a seamless and FUN experience for each guest.
  • The client can access a live gallery in real-time during the event.
  • All footage will be compiled and sent to the client after the event.
  • It's a (way) more interactive version of the standard photo booth.
  • You have a surefire way of guaranteeing that footage from your event will appear on Instagram (and every other social media platform).
  • Celebrations for any industry can now feature an Oscars vibe.
  • The appearance of the Smilebot's robotic arm on your premises is an instant conversation starter.

Smilebot is the brainchild of Shift Dynamics and Smilebooth.

Bringing together our mad skills of experiential event capture, fun vibes, and our highly-trained tech team and tools, the Smilebot was born.

When you book Smilebot for your event, a team of at least four team members will be on-site for execution.

These crew members will handle setup and teardown, robot operating, and crowd direction… aka we will bring all the technical nerdy knowledge AND the fun.


When you book the Smilebot for your next event, we guarantee a seamless process and experience for you and your guests. We will make sure your location meets all our power and footprint requirements, as well as handle the load-in and load-out situation.

All we will need from you is how you want your videos to look — you get to pick the custom branding, track, and video delivery language.

Here's a quick glance at what guests will experience at the event:

  • A fabulous guest steps up to Smilebot to meet Aubrey, our director (and Smilebooth Founder).
  • Aubrey collects their email or phone number via iPad.
  • Guest gets quick safety instructions and some pose ideas for the Smilebot.
  • Aubrey calls "ACTION" (very loudly) and the robot operators do their thing.
  • Guest gets hyped up by our team (and maybe some confetti thrown at them too) while the Smilebot performs a fast move with our high-speed camera.
  • Robot team quickly encodes footage to add in your custom branding, text language, and track.
  • Within minutes, the guest receives their video on their phone (that they will ABSOLUTELY share on their social media).
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